Afterschool Program

Our after-school program offers a secure setting for your child to flourish

You deserve peace of mind during the final hours of your workday, free from concerns about your child's whereabouts and activities.

Walters Jiu Jitsu extends an invitation to students throughout New Bern, offering a secure and encouraging space to acquire remarkable martial arts skills along with dedicated homework support. We take pride in welcoming students of all ages and diverse backgrounds.

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What does our after-school program encompass?

Our aim is to offer an engaging and enjoyable system, enabling students to discover something new each day. Instead of spending idle hours in front of a screen, the After School program at Walters Jiu Jitsu provides students with opportunities to challenge themselves and have a great time.

Visit us in New Bern today and give your child the gift of:

  • Enhanced communication and teamwork skills

  • Comprehensive physical fitness

  • Practical tools for effective bully prevention

  • Lifelong habits for an active lifestyle

  • Confidence across all aspects of life

Don't Miss Out On Our After School Program Here In New Bern!

If you're seeking a way to empower your child for success and ensure productive use of their time after school, visit us today at Walters Jiu Jitsu in New Bern. Our After School program is unparalleled, and we're excited for your child to experience it firsthand.

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Walters Jiu Jitsu: Family-friendly, structured, high-energy classes for mastering the art.

What is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art focusing on ground fighting and grappling techniques. It emphasizes using leverage and technique over brute strength.

Is BJJ suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! BJJ is designed for individuals of all skill levels and physical abilities. Beginners are given special attention to ensure they build a strong foundation.

What age groups does Walters Jiu Jitsu cater to?

Walters Jiu Jitsu offers classes for children, teenagers, and adults. Each program is tailored to suit the specific needs of these age groups.

How often should I train in BJJ to see improvement?

Consistency is key in BJJ. Training 2-3 times a week can lead to noticeable improvements in skill and fitness levels.

Are there women-specific BJJ classes?

Yes, Walters Jiu Jitsu offers women-specific classes, providing a comfortable and empowering environment for female practitioners.

Walters Jiu-Jitsu State-of-the-Art Training Studio

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