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Why Choose Walters Jiu-Jitsu for Your Martial Arts Journey?

Walters Jiu-Jitsu Class in Action - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Training

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced practitioner, our classes are designed to meet you where you are. Enjoy personalized training that challenges and elevates your skills at a pace that suits you.

Train in a top-notch facility equipped with the latest amenities. Our commitment to providing a comfortable and inspiring environment enhances your overall training experience.

Our track record speaks for itself. Many of our students have achieved remarkable success in competitions and, more importantly, in their personal development. Join a community that celebrates every achievement.

At Walters Jiu-Jitsu, we proudly serve the communities of Havelock, New Bern, and Morehead City. Our mission goes beyond teaching Jiu-Jitsu; we're dedicated to shaping individuals into confident, resilient, and skilled martial artists. Choose Walters for an enriching and transformative Jiu-Jitsu experience tailored to the unique spirit of Havelock, New Bern, and Morehead City.

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The Benefits of Training at Walters Jiu Jitsu

Physical and Mental Health Improvements

Regular training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu offers immense benefits. Physically, it enhances strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. Mentally, it sharpens focus, improves problem-solving skills, and boosts self-confidence.

Building a Supportive Network

BJJ is as much about community as it is about individual growth. At Walters Jiu Jitsu, you're not just joining a gym; you're becoming part of a family. The bonds formed on the mats often extend into lifelong friendships.

Accessibility and Convenience

For those in New Bern and Havelock, Walters Jiu Jitsu provides easy accessibility and convenience. Located centrally, the gym is a welcoming space for anyone looking to start or continue their BJJ journey.

A Commitment to Excellence

Walters Jiu Jitsu is committed to providing top-notch training and facilities. The experienced instructors are dedicated to helping each student achieve their personal best.

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Walters Jiu-Jitsu Expert Instructor Demonstrating Techniques

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Conduct tailored self-defense workshops catering to vulnerable groups like children, seniors, or individuals who have experienced domestic violence. Offer customized instruction for law enforcement, security professionals, and first responders, emphasizing practical tactics and real-life situational control methods.

Kids Martial Arts

At Walters Jiu-Jitsu, our Kids Martial Arts program combines skill-building, discipline, and fun, fostering a supportive environment where young minds develop both strength and character on their exciting journey through the world of martial arts.

Walters Jiu-Jitsu Community - Building Bonds on and off the Mat
Dynamic wrestling match in progress, showcasing strength and technique


Coordinate rigorous competition readiness camps encompassing mental fortitude training, strategic planning, and simulated tournaments, ensuring athletes are well-prepared for upcoming grappling competitions.


Our Client Reviews

Walters Jiu Jitsu: Family-friendly, structured, high-energy classes for mastering the art.

What is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art focusing on ground fighting and grappling techniques. It emphasizes using leverage and technique over brute strength.

Is BJJ suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! BJJ is designed for individuals of all skill levels and physical abilities. Beginners are given special attention to ensure they build a strong foundation.

What age groups does Walters Jiu Jitsu cater to?

Walters Jiu Jitsu offers classes for children, teenagers, and adults. Each program is tailored to suit the specific needs of these age groups.

How often should I train in BJJ to see improvement?

Consistency is key in BJJ. Training 2-3 times a week can lead to noticeable improvements in skill and fitness levels.

Are there women-specific BJJ classes?

Yes, Walters Jiu Jitsu offers women-specific classes, providing a comfortable and empowering environment for female practitioners.

Introducing Our Instructors of High Expertise

Nicholas Walters - Experienced Jiu-Jitsu Instructor at Walters Jiu-Jitsu

Nicholas Walters

Head Instructor

Sam Barnett - Head Wrestling Coach and  Expert

Sam Barnett

Wrestling Coach

Walters Jiu-Jitsu Expert Instructor Demonstrating Techniques

Kati Perez

Head Kids Instructor

Walters Jiu-Jitsu Expert Instructor Demonstrating Techniques

Jim Blaul

Fundamentals Instructor

Walters Jiu-Jitsu Expert Instructor Demonstrating Techniques

Danielle Blaul

Womens Only Instructor

610 A, Airport Rd, New Bern, NC 28560, USA
Walters Jiu-Jitsu State-of-the-Art Training Studio

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